Dr. Daniel Burden
Department of Chemistry
Wheaton College, IL
Phone: (630) 752-5065
Email: daniel.burden@wheaton.edu

Dr. Lisa Burden
Department of Chemistry
Wheaton College, IL
Phone: (630) 752-7268
Email: lisa.burden@wheaton.edu

Biomolecular Nanotechnologies and Measurements (BiNano) is a small business that works in conjunction with Wheaton College to provide scientific research and consulting services. It also functions as an incubator to stimulate new investigative ventures involving Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students. The company laboratories are housed on the campus of Wheaton College. The main business office is located at 203 Kellogg Pl., Wheaton, IL.

For more information:
Dr. Daniel Burden (630) 752-5065
Dr. Lisa Burden (630) 752-7268

Dr. Daniel Burden graduated with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Indiana University in 1997. Following a postdoctoral position in biophysics at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD, Dr. Burden undertook a position at Wheaton College, where is he is currently Professor of Analytical Chemistry. Dr. Burden’s research includes methods to measure small molecules embedded into lipid membranes and observe their chemical and physical behaviors.

Dr. Lisa Burden graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry from Indiana University in 1996. She then undertook two postdoctoral positions at Indiana University and National Institutes of Health, USA before starting as a Visiting Associate Professor of Biology at Wheaton College in 2000. In 2019, she transitioned into the Chemistry Department.  Dr. Burden’s primary research focus includes the study of toxin proteins produced by common bacteria and the chemical and biological interactions of these toxins with cellular lipid membranes.